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At least Steve hasn’t hurt your producing skills. I are going to be considering you these days and chanting “no glioma, no glioma, no glioma”. (that doesn’t roll off the tongue or keyboard)

And if it is cancer … well, we’ll burn off that bridge once we come to it. Like I mentioned, my tumor’s tiny (only one cm), and he hasn’t ventured into any other portions of my brain.

Fuck Steve! Better of luck, so you far better come back to us intact, I'm not sure if I could browse much about Katherine Heigl.

Hi there, I termed mine Timmy!!!!! Sucessfully taken out twelve weeks ago and I am entirely performing… Your beneficial Mind-set will get you through this.

Holy shit, reading this can make me choose to crawl underneath a blanket and stay there for on a daily basis. You’re managing this so rationally and bravely–I’m in awe. I’d be freaking out and obtaining an existential crisis.

. You keep onto your keys, we won't ever see them. Look into the 'How To' part for video clips showing you how to make use of This web site. You will need primary Minimize n'pasting skills, and just a little patience.

Check out. The Chinese governing administration cannot “steal” the bitcoin having a fifty one% attack due to the fact executing the assault makes bitcoin worthless. It’s closer to expressing “we’re filling a vault with big quantities of money. Then we’re planning to established the contents on hearth to punish the people who place the money while in the vault, or bring about some basic havoc from which we can easily advantage.”

Unlike normal software package, where builders can hold it small in case that hardware doesn’t advance fast plenty of, the growth of the dispersed ledger is uncontrollable. It grows with each individual transaction.

BTC could pretty easily drop by zero. There are lots of known paths to zero, and myriad unknown ones. eighty five% of bitcoin mining transpires in China.

There is basically absolutely nothing everyone can say for making you really feel much better in this kind of problem, exept for probably “Wanna look bitcoin paper wallet at Star Wars?”

). Weirdly, All those are the kind of tumors that most frequently show up in little ones and younger Older people, so it’s nice to recognize that some part of my overall body remains to be youthful. My boobs could possibly be producing a mad sprint for my knees, but The within of my brain thinks it’s 18.

You don’t know me. I have only commented some occasions but I are examining your website for more than a yr now. I think you happen to be amazing and hilarious generally speaking however, you basically just blew me out in the water using this post.

two. Corollary to #1 is Bitcoin’s Main “action” is to convert low-priced Chinese coal into US$ beyond China. That’s not this sort of a very good point to guess on, for a market/asset/no matter what.

As compared, recent Bitcoin mining components does several terahashes per 2nd, about a quintillion occasions quicker than my guide hashing. Evidently, guide Bitcoin mining is under no circumstances practical.[5]

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